We prioritize client success.

In the past 29 years, we strive to serve clients from all around the world in different shapes and sizes, each serving a distinct market with their own special challenges and therefore needs. We deeply believe that we are only successful when our clients are. Therefore, we continue to serve all of our clients with the most optimized solutions possible, each customized to tackle those needs efficiently and effectively.


Former Regional Head of Purchasing, Yihai Kerry
Wilmar International

“Since 2000, [HENGSOY] has been one of the most important grain suppliers of Yihai Kerry in the Northeast region… I was fortunate enough to witness the entirety of [HENGSOY]'s development from a grain dealer in the remote city of Jiamusi to an internationally renowned grain trading firm. Under the leadership of Mr. Gao (our founder & president), the company takes on a corporate culture of integrity and pragmatism, efficient operation and execution capabilities, strong enterprising spirit, as well as a set of rigorous and meticulous management systems.”


Former Head of Grain, Oilseeds, and Feed Materials Department
Kraft Heinz

“[HENGSOY] has been deeply involved in the soybean industry for many years and has accumulated rich and valuable experience in the upstream cultivation and processing of soybeans as well as the downstream enterprise supply chain services. Based on our recognition of [HENGSOY]'s professionalism, open honesty and integrity in business, Heinz has long regarded [HENGSOY] as a strategic supply partner, with whom we conducted business for years.”

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