Our Service Pillars

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We originate and produce high-quality organic & non-GMO soybeans from Africa, Europe, and Asia, and our local teams are there at every stage of cultivation - from seeding to maturing to constantly monitor growth and quality from the source.


We work closely with local farmers to always get ahead of purchasing by months and have developed strong relationship to allow us not only consistently get the best quality beans but also at the best possible price for our clients with minimal markups.


We have developed and deployed a rigorous process of cleaning, sorting, and testing (CST) through our in-house lab and machineries for every order; we also cater our solutions around our customers, capable of additional refinement & processing on demand.


We consistently sample and report soybean quality at every step of the supply chain, including prior to storage and shipping, to keep a record of our inventory for accountability and keep our product quality aligned with what we promise.


We store all cleaned and quality-assured soybeans in our secured facilities in their region of origination, always ready for additional testing and delivery; we ensure that all of our beans travel in a simple and steady direction:
field -> facility -> freight


We work with internationally renowned shipping partners and offer a combination of logistic solutions to get our products delivered to our customer's choice of port globally, at the fastest speed and consistently best CIF price.


We employ a variety of ways to hedge against increasingly globalized financial and operational risks, monitoring markets via CBOT (CME) in the U.S., China's DCE, and India's NCDEX and protecting our supply chain stability using future positions.


We actively share industry insights, our soybean growth status, and distilled industry knowledge with our partners and farmers in various forms, building a vibrant intellectual community of organic soybeans and other agricultural products globally.


We have designed and built our own complex of ERP systems in-house with our entire supply chain fully online and in the cloud, realizing direct supply chain traceability and actionability to truly center our success on our customers' success.